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Are you having trouble starting up your car? Has your car been taking longer than usual to speed up? The problem might be your car’s battery. Our experts at Sanaa Electronic Wheel Balance will effectively check your car’s battery as well as other charging systems to identify the problem. By testing the viability of your current battery, we will conclude the reasons for the malfunction and come up with the right solutions. We will then repair or replace your battery to keep your car functioning properly for long.

How To Avoid Battery Malfunction?

Check your car’s battery regularly to avoid any short-trip malfunction. The battery power compensation is 10 km from the start. High temperatures are another cause of damage and corrosion of a car battery. That’s why the chances of a battery failure get increased in summer. Do not operate your car for long periods of time, or else it can affect the efficiency of your car battery.

Feel free to talk to our expert engineers and technicians for advice on keeping your battery healthy and running. We are always ready and happy to help.

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